To venture is to share, and Divinity is all about sharing.

You see those bad-ass dudes / warriors all the time, coop-ing on a horde of zombies / monsters, killing legions and legions of baddies and helping (or killing) town's folk and get rewarded all the time.


in MMOS, in RPGs, Shooters, in everything, they're constantly shown as bros/sisters doing cool bad-ass things, you always see promotional art having said characters posing with their guns and swords out like they are charlies angels/Expendables and looking either away from each other , or sexually feeling each other, but one thing for sure, you never see characters holding hands.

Relationships, REAL relationships are never about posing with guns with each other, or feeling that handsome guy's chest/groping that hot girl's ass (unless you like having shallow long term relationships?) , actual relationships are about sharing, sharing the ups and downs of the adventure we call life.


And one of the things I like about the-simple yet brilliant- promotional are made for Divinity is the one thing that most people don't notice, or maybe notice but not give much thought for, these bad-ass warriors, the guys you take a role of are holding hands.

Now bear with me, you might think "what's so special about that?!" , well let me tell you, when you love someone -not sexually, mind you- be it your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend , relative ..etc, you will always... always, end up arguing with them, its just how relationships go and how it should always be, there is nothing wrong about it.

After all you want that person to be the best thing to you and also the best thing for themselves, you see things you don't like about them, or things that you feel that they can improve, things you have other opinions on, and are willing to help them improve on.

You don't "shut up, so i can get laid" you rather tell that person what you think so your bonds would grow deeper, this bond can become so powerful that you will go to hell and back with that person without even giving it a second thought, you "hold" her/his hand to face all obstacles and hurdles of life all the way to it's end, you "hold" her/his hand through the good and bad, the thin and thick , come rain or come shine.

Which is why I think the promo art of the game is very simple yet brilliant because it shows one of the unique aspects of the game, the relationships.

This rarely/never shown in a good way in games, relationships were always shown as a task, a reward or an achievement, for example, in games with multiple choices, you meet this handsome guy / hot girl you think "should I romance this character or not?" and you are given choices like:

"We'll bang, ok?"

"We'll not bang today, ok?"

"Tell me more about your tragic back-story please"

"Sorry, accidentally clicked on you"

*I don't actually remember when or why I made this Al-Gore picture, but i found it to kind of fitting.

What we have on divinity instead, is a character that would argue with you, agree with you, disagree with you, help you out, abandon you, question you, and try to outsmart you, you know... like real relationships, and this is even better when you play with another person.

Not only can they just forget about you and do what they want to do, but they can also ruin your game completely, it's all about picking the right person and arguing with their views and sharing your own views, it's a really lovely feature that i think is not talked about much online, but I think it makes one of the most memorable couples in video gaming (even though your character is basically nameless) ,

Oh and did I mention that those two characters can both be dudes? And both be girls? That speaks more about non shallow relationships more than actually shoehorning a "I'm gay, and I'm so weird!!!" Character into the story but instead focus more on the character's personality more, so that's another win for Divinity here.

Oh and did i mention the game is great? I'm sure Kotaku mentioned it already somewhere here (I actually discourage -sorry Kirk- you to follow these rules and start on your own not knowing much, at least on your first play session)